The G365 Championship Recap!!

The Championship was elite youth basketball like we’ve never seen before. With astronomical talent, heated competition, prestige ceremonies , and illustrious victory celebrations. Youth club teams from all over the nation came to Orange County in Southern California to have the opportunity to become champions. Teams attended from: Hawaii, NorCal, Vegas, Arizona, and Texas, who were hungry for the elite competition and they got their fill. The Championship was kick started by the opening ceremony, where teams walked into the craziest hype seen ever. The music pumping and players took action shots to show off their go to poses, everyone was going all out in a t shirt contest, with booths with awesome camp opportunities and bottom less merch,  they were also put on a stage to be recognized and able to establish their presence, but the cherry on top had to be the 360 camera. After the hype and the ceremony came the competition, where players laid it all out to climb to the championship game.

During the event teams had to pick themselves up to keep going, and pushing through to overcome obstacles. As a result of the grind came crazy comebacks because failure was not an option. When the final horn blew in those championship games the excitement and the joy overtook the players as the feeling of becoming champions was indescribable. With the confetti falling, the cider being sprayed and most of all holding the Championship trophy with teammates created the ultimate atmosphere this weekend in Orange County youth basketball. Teams fought hard in this SoCal  basketball tournament as it was a true battle of the best of the best. Here below are some shoutouts of some of the winners. 

Inglewood Guard Dawgs 9u gold were absolute force to be reckoned with as they fought hard through adversity to become champions. The Guard Dawgs were attacking on the defensive side stealing the ball left and right with 21 steals in one game. On the offensive side, they were pouring it in the paint with Donte Bowie and Bruce Huang having double digit points in a game. 

Vegas Elite 10U gold Battled their way to the top of 10U gold to be crowned Champions. Vegas Elite was a cohesive unit on offense with 72 points, 27 REBs, 17 AST just in one game. On the other side of the ball, Vegas Elite established a defensive wall as they limited opponents to minimal ball movement and made it difficult for them to score. 

12u gold Arsenal had an unstoppable performance at the championship going undefeated cruising their way to becoming champions. One of their biggest contributions to their success was the performance of Kalani Abreu who had two games with double digit points one of them he dropped 34 points. However they had a well balanced team, it seemed like in every game there was a new star of the show. 

I.E sixers 13u gold I.E Sixers were putting on a clinic at the championship going undefeated and were well deserved champions. The I.E Sixers were an offensive juggernaut as opponents just didn’t have an answer for them, to paint the picture they dropped 102 points in a game. Tariq Johnson was an absolute menace for the team, he contributed 54 points in just one game which lead to multiple double digit point performances. 

14u CM Elite gold (NV)  left the championship with a record of 3-1 in the 14u division competing to the very end, that effort led them to become champions. CM Elite were masters at crashing the boards getting key rebounds for fast breaks or second chance points. Another contribution was their ability  to spread the ball around finding the open man giving everyone the opportunity to score. 

 JCP put on an elite performance at the championship as they overcame many obstacles, and came out on top of the heap to become champions. Their ability to shoot from beyond the arc is what really gave them the edge at the tournament and put them ahead in games. In the tournament it seems like they just couldn’t miss as they were constantly scoring, finding every way to score. 

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