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  • Stat Disclaimer

    We make every effort to provide the most accurate stats possible. However, a number of factors including but not limited to duplicate jerseys and the subjective nature of certain basketball stats, prevent us from 100% accuracy. The stats we provide are intended to be a metric to track progress and reward achievement over the course of a youth basketball career while providing a more robust experience for players and teams. It is not possible to provide this experience without some margin of error. We will do our best to provide the most accurate statistical data possible, but we reserve the right to refuse any request to update statistics.

The Passport Player Features

All players must pay a seasonal fee to unlock their player passport to become eligible for G365 events and gain access to the additional features provided at every tournament including:

The Passport is here to transform the youth sports event experience for all players, parents and programs.

Age & grade verification
Photo and video upload
Achievement badges
Live stats
Player exposure

Between simplifying the game day verification process with registration only once and maximizing participant experience and exposure, The Passport is built to last. The player profiles can store your bio, event performances with stats and awards, ebc events, media and display your current age/grade eligibility. Check out Miles Cooper’s profile below!

The Passport Team Features

The Passport has also expanded to teams! Team profiles, standings, box scores and rankings are just some of the features that we offer!

Team profiles
Team standings
Team rankings
Box scores

The Passport supports these events:

What is the Passport?

Why Age Rules Matter in Youth Sports?