Billups Elite 11U Trending Higher after Capturing G365 Denver Championship

Denver, NV – The Billups Elite program has proven to be one of the top national programs coming out of the state of Colorado over the past 5 years. Their current 11U team is ranked #1 in the G365 Mountain West region and #8 on the entire G365 circuit. They appear to be ready and continue that trend for the Billups Elite program for years to come. At the recent G365 Denver event, they easily captured a championship and had a 37.8 ppg average margin of victory. Their 11U championship roster includes: Aiden Booker , Archie Weatherspoon, Carter Basquez, Frank Belibi, Jaxon Richardson, Jaedon Ward, Jeremiah Hammond, Jordan Mitchell, LaDamien Davis, Montae Johnson, Toray Davis, and Trystan Rangel.

Jaxon Richardson earned 5th grade MVP honors and Archie Weatherspoon earned All-Tourney honors. The 5th All-Tournament also included Triple Threat’s, Izaiyah Romero, Evo Montoya (Colorado Magic), and Jason Stroope (Give).

The 8th grade division allowed us to see Pluto for the first time and they proved worthy of a Top 10 MW ranking after going undefeated in four games. Trei Gunn (Pluto) earned MVP honors. The All-Tournament team also included Christian Drummond (Pluto), Master Diggins (Denver Badboyz), Sir-Jahari Joiner (Give) and Daunte Dominguez (Colorado Lightning).

In the 7th grade division, G365 MW #4, Co Premier 13U Red defeated Colorado Fusion 58-44 in the final. Co Premier’s, Jack Volpi, earned 7th grade MVP honors. Ladavian King (Colorado Fusion), Jeff Baca (Colorado Cardinals), Charlie Eckhardt (Co Premier), and Andrew Crawford (Billups Elite) rounded out the 7th grade All-Tournament team.

In the 6th grade division, Hardwood Elite defeated New Mexico’s Flight Force Elite 49-40. With its victory, Hardwood Elite is expected to crack the MW Top 10 when the new rankings are released. Hardwood Elite’s, Lorenzo Contreras, earned 6th grade MVP honors. Elliot Moskowitz (Co Rough Riders), Kasen Lehman (Colorado Cardinals), Estevan Espinoza (Flight Force), and Luke Davis (Bruins) rounded out the 6th grade All-Tournament team.

In the 4th grade division, Colorado Tundra Elite defeated Give Sports 48-19. With the victory, Colorado Tundra Elite will crack the G365 MW Top 10. Colorado Tundra Elite’s, Seven Carter, earned 4th grade MVP honors. Tyson Smith (Colorado Tundra Elite), Cameron Cunningham (Give), Naman Robertson (Eddie and Dev Squad), and Travon Grace (Wiltbanks) rounded out the 4th grade All-Tournament team.

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