RECAP: EBC Washington

Seattle, WA. – The 4th installment of EBC Washington attracted over 150 of the top players from the Pacific Northwest. In the past, the Washington camp has attracted talents like Jamon Kemp, John Christofilis, Maui Sze, Noah Williams, Paolo Banchero and Shane Nowell. This year’s camp featured some talented players that will likely have a big impact as freshmen and beyond.

Here is a look at some of the top players in attendance that stood out:

MVP: Elijah Johnson
Koren Johnson
Khalil Singleton
Ty Mrus
Luke White
Newton Pepple
Maleek Arrington
  • 2022 MVP Elijah Johnson (Seattle Future) – The 5’8” lead guard earned camp MVP after his terrific performance. The highly skilled Johnson can shoot, get in the paint, and outplay his opponents. Johnson placed 2nd in the King of the Court and will be considered for the G365 2022 Top 25.
  • 2022 Koren Johnson (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’10” crafty floor general did a terrific job making plays and setting up his teammates. When it came time to get his own, Johnson proved his ability to put the ball in the hoop by taking home King of the Court. Johnson solidified his G365 2022 Top 25 membership.
  • 2022 Khalil Singleton (Go Hard) – The 5’9” guard is one of most improved players on the circuit. Singleton has a great feel for the game, is competitive on both ends, and now has the ability to take over games. Singleton added a 3rd EBC Top 5 award and will be considered for the G365 2022 Top 25.
  • 2022 Ty Mrus (Seattle Stars) – The 6’4 forward has an excellent motor that helps him create offensive opportunities and create havoc defensively. Mrus will be considered for the G365 2022 Top 100.
  • 2022 Luke White (Seattle Stars) – The 6’1” forward had a terrific weekend outworking his opponents and creating opportunities for himself. White will be considered for the G365 2022 Top 100.
  • 2022 Newton Pepple (Seattle Future) – The 6’4” forward has soft hands and found ways to score at the rim. Pepple will be considered for the G365 2022 Top 100.
  • 2022 Maleek Arrington (Seattle Stars) – The 5’8” shooting guard had his stroke in full-effect during the Top 20 game. Arrington hit plenty of contested shots from all over the court and received votes for Top 20 game MVP. Arrington will join the list of G365 2022 top shooters and will be considered for the G365 2022 Top 100.
MVP: Nahmier Robinson
Cory Connor
Jaylin Stewart
Nasyr Cornett
Nathan Hocking
Mason Williams
Nikita Tyukalo
  • 2023 Nahmier Robinson (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’7” Robinson is a high IQ playmaker with a strong build that will get his teammates involved. Robinson earned his 2nd EBC MVP award and is a G365 2023 Top 25 member.
  • 2023 Cory Connor (Dynasty Elite) – The 5’11” talented guard showed that he is clearly one of the top playmakers in his class. With his performance, Connor will join the G365 2023 Top 25.
  • 2023 Jaylin Stewart (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’10” wing is a dynamic scorer with great body control and solid footwork. Stewart will be considered for G365 2023 Top 25.
  • 2023 Nasyr Cornett (Top Scholar Elite) – The 5’6” guard is a versatile guard that can slash and finish and will attack opponents on the defensive end.
  • 2023 Nathan Hocking (Built 4 Ball) – The 6’2” wing is a tough competitor with a solid offensive game. Hocking will be considered for the G365 2023 Top 100.
  • 2023 Mason Williams (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’4” high scoring guard earned his 2nd EBC Top 5 award. Williams is a member of the G365 2023 Top 50.
  • 2023 Nikita Tyukalo (FOH Seattle) – The 5’7” flashy guard once again proved to be one of the top playmakers and shooters on the EBC Circuit. Tyukalo solidified his G365 2023 Top 50 membership.
MVP: Nyale Robinson
Noel Davis
Luvens Valcin
Ke’Shawn Lynch
Kase Wynott
Darius Wilcher
MVP: Legend Smiley
Bryce Smith
Isaiah Cunningham
  • 2024 Nyale Robinson (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’5” playmaker earned his 2nd EBC Camp MVP by out-dueling his competition in the Top 20 game. Robinson will become a 2024 G365 Top 25 member.
  • 2024 Noel Davis (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’1” playmaker impressed with his ability to score from just about anywhere on the floor. Davis added a 3rd EBC Top 5 award and solidified his G365 2024 Top 25 membership.
  • 2024 Luvens Valcin (Seattle Rotary) – The 6’0” forward may be the most talented at his position on the EBC circuit. Valcin is a dominant force with great size. He earned G365 2024 Top 25 membership with his play.
  • 2024 Ke’Shawn Lynch (Seattle Rotary) – The 6’1” forward showed to have very good skill-set scoring inside the paint. Lynch will be considered for the G365 2024 Top 25.
  • 2024 Kase Wynott (Idaho Phenoms) – The 5’7” wing has a solid handle to go along with great shooting form. Wynott will be considered for the G365 2024 Top 100.
  • 2024 Darius Wilcher (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’3” guard is a highly competitive leader with solid ball handling skills and quickness. Wilcher will be considered for the G365 2023 Top 25.
  • 2025 Legend Smiley (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’4” lead guard earned MVP honors by once again proving that his skill-set and game knowledge is beyond his peers. Smiley is a G365 2023 Top 25 player.
  • 2025 Bryce Smith (Seattle Stars) – The 4’11” guard has terrific court vision and will get after it on the defensive end. Smith earned the Defensive Player award. Smith will be considered for the G365 2023 Top 25.
  • 2025 Isaiah Cunningham (Seattle Rotary) – The 5’7” forward had an impressive Top 20 game, scoring inside and creating havoc on the defensive end. Cunningham will considered for the G365 2023 Top 25.

We want to thank the entire EBC Washington staff, players and families for making this another great event!

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