2024 May Rankings

Champions standing strong through May

The May Rankings are in, with many number 1 teams standing strong through the month of May. However there are many new teams who skyrocketed to the Top 5.   With the new up and coming G365 club teams, things could change this June at  The G365 Finals. Here are your May Rankings.

Youth Club Team Rankings


#1 Ranked: IE Sixers (SoCAL)

Trending Up: AZ Gremlins


#1 Ranked: Inglewood Guard Dogs 

Trending Up:  Rose City Rebels


#1 Ranked: Vegas Elite Blue

Trending Up: CEO


#1 Ranked: Vegas Elite Blue 

Trending Up: Tre Mann Elite (FL)


#1 Ranked: Team Arsenal Elite

Trending Up: Vegas Showtime


#1 Ranked: IE Sixers

Trending Up: AB Elite Texas


#1 Ranked: 99 OVR

Trending Up: SE Supreme AZ

May Rankings proved that Grassroots 365 has many strong performers. Many out of state teams are on the rise in G365 youth basketball tournaments. But we will see who will be crowned champions at G365 Finals and who will be at the top of the June Rankings.

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