EBC Sacramento 2018 RECAP

Sacramento, CA – The EBC Sacramento camp provided our team one last opportunity to evaluate talent before the release of our final 2018 G365 Player Watchlist. With plenty of recognizable players that came after earning invites at our G365 Sacramento and Bay Area events this fall, the expectations were high and once again, Sacramento did not disappoint.

The top 10 players that stood among a group of over 80 players ranging from grades 4-8 were: 2023 Kiku Parker (Camp MVP), Micah Johnston (8th Grade Top 5), Matthew Shroeder (8th Grade Top 5), Devin Lewis (8th Grade Top 5), Jake Olson (8th Grade Top 5), Ben Roseborough (7th Grade MVP), Tony Ballard (7th Grade Top 5), Kentrell Kelly (7th Grade Top 5), Christopher Walker (7th Grade Top 5), and Isaiah “Zeke” Davis ( (6th Grade MVP).