The Passport is Here!

The Passport is a revolutionary management system the current amateur basketball experience. Between simplifying the game day verification process with registration only once and maximizing participant experience and exposure, The Passport is built to last. Check out some of our key features below!

Stat Leaderboard

Now, for the first time, find out who put up the best stats at each tournament! With live-updating after each game, find out who put up the highest points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals!

With support for stats by division, find out the competition right around you!

With stats featuring division by year, find out who leads the year in each category!

Player Watchlist

With new players on the Grassroots 365 Circuit each weekend, there’s always talent on the come-up. Find out which players we’ve selected as players to watch.

Team Rankings

With dedicated rankings coming each month, our team here at Grassroots 365 is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date order possible. Find out which teams lead the pack from 8th Grade down to 2nd Grade.


Awards are now housed on each players profile and specific awards page. From Jr. All-American Camp awards like MVP, King of the Court, Outstanding Performer etc to specific G365 All-Tournament Selections, players now will have the opportunity to showcase what they’ve achieved on their profile.